Angola: Opposition FNLA’s president refutes his suspension

Luanda – The president of the opposition FNLA, Lucas Ngonda, last Tuesday in Luanda that his suspension from the post, which was decided last Saturday by 217 “alleged members” of the party’s Central Committee, is illegitimate and filled with bad faith.

Speaking to the press on this issue, Lucas Ngonda said “the true Central Committee” is on his side. He seized the occasion to announce that the party’s Central Committee is to meet this month to analyse the organisation’s list of candidates for MP in this August’s general elections and electoral strategy.

Meanwhile, the 217 members of the Central Committee that decided his suspension have explained this measure was due to the fact that Lucas Ngonda has deviated from the party’s political line.

On a communique, the 217 FNLA members explain that Lucas Ngonda has become “a factor of division and instability within the party”, adding that he has refused to accept a request from FNLA leaders, members and cadres to hold a concert meeting.

The same communique sates that Lucas Ngonda has been adamant in his stance for a year, has not convened a Central Committee meeting and, consequently, has not convened the extraordinary congress, in line with the party’s statute and the recommendations made at the Fourth Ordinary Congress.

The document stresses that the FNLA president has repeatedly violated the statute of the party and refused to hold direct, open and frank dialogue with members.

The document also states that Lucas Ngonda “has taken measures of personal character, without respecting the norms outlined in the Regulation of the organisation and the functioning of the party structures, in the disciplinary regulation applicable to the militants of the FNLA”, besides “not respecting the resolutions and principles”.

It also reveals that Lucas Ngonda makes abusive use of his powers as president of the FNLA, a historical party that fought against the colonial presence in Angola.

Lucas Ngonda holds one of the two parliamentary seats won by the FNLA in the 2012 general elections.

Source: Angola Press News Agency