Angola: Opposition FNLA party suspends its president

Luanda – The members of the Central Committee of the opposition FNLA party suspended on Saturday its president, Lucas Benghy Ngonda, over alleged “serious deflection of the political line of the party”.

Concerned with the situation of the party and aiming to avoid compromising its existence, the committee made the decision during a meeting held in Luanda, under the initiative of 50 percent (+1) of the members of the central committee.

In its final communique, the members of the central committee said it is up to the president keep the spirit and practice of systematic dialogue, unity, tolerance, impartiality and reconciliation among the members of the party.

According to them, Lucas Ngonda has turned into a “reason of division and instability in the party”.

They also denounced that the head of FNLA refused to make a consultation requested by the supporters, cadres and leaders elected by Assembly on July 30, 2016.

According to the committee, it had been made a proposal to sort out the existing misunderstandings through direct and open dialogue according to the framework of the party.

In addition, they said their decision was also based on alleged “ongoing violations” of the statutes by the head of the party, who they affirm not follow “with resolutions, principles and abusing his power”.

Lucas Ngonda was confirmed as FNLA president in 2012 by the Constitutional Court after divergences with former leader Ngola Kabango, after the death of its founder Holden Roberto.

Source: Angola Press News Agency