Angola: MPs discuss next plenary session agenda

Luanda – National Assembly members with specialised committees Monday in Luanda analysed the agenda for the next ordinary plenary session, scheduled for March 23.

Among the documents, the members of Parliament analysed the draft resolution approving the Constitution of the African Civil Aviation Commission, presented by the State Secretary for Cooperation of Foreign Affairs, Angela Braganca.

The participants also approached the report on budget implementation for the third quarter of 2016, introduced by the State Secretary for Finance, Valentina Filipe.

The meeting, chaired by the chairperson of Commission of Economy and Finance of National Assembly, Manuel Nunes JA�nior, also analysed the Draft Law Amending the Act 15/10.

Law on general budget as well as the proposed Law Amending Law No. 30/11, Law on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, were also analysed.

Analysed were also the draft Organic Law approving the Parliament’s Internal Rules and the support report of the Monthly Debate, with the theme “The quality, safety and conservation of the road network of the country’s infrastructure”, proposed by the opposition UNITA.

The documents will be submitted for the final vote at the 4th Ordinary Plenary Meeting of the National Assembly next Thursday.

Source: Angola Press News Agency