Angola: MPLA presidential candidate calls for change of minds

Luanda – The MPLA presidential candidate for the 2017 general elections, JoAPound o Manuel Lourenco, defended Saturday in Luanda the need to change minds and retrieve the moral, civic and ethical values of the Angolan society.

JoAPound o Lourenco said so during the rally aimed for his presentation as the head of the MPLA’s list for the general elections of 2017, held in the Mabor-Malha field, Cazenga municipality in Luanda.

“We are going to work to solve the problems of the people, which are innumerable. To do this, we need to train our cadres, make investments in various areas, have the financial and material resources to do so and also change our minds, retrieve civic and ethical values of the society, which are being lost day by day”, he said.

To him, the centre of change is the man, hence the reason that he needs to be trained from an academic and professional point of view.

He emphasized that citizens should be educated to respect the law and their hierarchical superiors.

The MPLA politician also spoke of noise pollution, for harming members of the community.

“No one is saying that we should not have festivities parties, let’s continue to give our parties, but in ways not to harm the other members of society”.

He pointed out that the family, as a core of the Angolan society, is the first to be called upon for this task of recovering values.

The MPLA presidential candidate recalled that in the aftermath of the war there has been a great disruption of the Angolan family, but now works are being done towards the structuring of families, the retrieval of moral, ethical and civic values.

JoAPound o Lourenco thanked the families, churches and the media for the work they have been doing towards the recovery of values.

During his speech, the head of the MPLA list defended the need to create a prize for those people and institutions that preserve the goods acquired for many years.

JoAPound o Lourenco – a member of the governing party’s politburo, the current vice president of the party and National Defence minister – has already been presented to the electorate in the provinces of Huila, Lunda Norte and Bie.

Source: Angola Press News Agency