Angola, Mozambique Strengthen Cooperation in Media Sector

Strengthening of cooperation between Angola and Mozambique in the Media field topped Monday audience the incumbent minister Jose Luis de Matos granted to the director of Mozambican Information Office, Emilia Moiane.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, the director of the Angolan Exchange Office of Media Ministry, Maria de Lourdes Mouzinho, said that the meeting discussed various issues.

The official mentioned, among the other topics, the evolution of media in Angola and strengthening of the sector between Angola and Mozambique.

Maria Mouzinho said that the existence of protocols signed between the two countries, whose the state is being assessed by the parties, may be reinforced if necessary.

“There is a general agreement between the government of Angola and Mozambique in the context of media, she said.

We have a protocol signed since 2007 and a formal process signed in 2014, “the official added.

The director of the Angolan Exchange Office of Media Ministry said that these protocols include actions such as staff training, exchange of agenda and information, technical support.

She also said that one of the issues of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) has to do with standardisation of the laws of each country.

Exchange of talks among delegations always happens whenever necessary, that is why we have received our counterparts of Mozambique for the purpose, she noted.

In her turn, Mozambican official, Emilia Moiane said that the visit to Angola is meant to strengthen cooperation and friendship ties.

Mozambican delegation started its official visit to Angola on Monday.

Source: Angola Press Agency