Angola, Indonesia discuss strengthening of bilateral cooperation

The strengthening of bilateral cooperation between the Angola and Indonesia will feature in the official talks between the two countries’ top diplomats on Monday in Jakarta.

This is part of the visit by Angolan Foreign Minister, Georges Chikoti, to Indonesia since Saturday, under his trip to some Asian and Oceania countries.

After New Zealand and Australia, where he developed economic diplomacy with local governments and entrepreneurs wishing to invest in agriculture, fisheries, mining and staff training, Georges Chikoti will discuss with the Indonesian authorities the mechanisms for strengthening this cooperation.

With regard trade between the countries, Indonesia imports from Angola oil and steel, while the latter gets mainly medicines and other pharmaceutical goods from Asian nation.

In his trip, the Foreign Minister is taking the opportunity to explain on the country’s ongoing electoral process and political transition that will lead to a new leadership in the State.

After Indonesia, South Korea and Vietnam are the last two stages of the Foreign minister’s trip.

Source: Angola Press News Agency