Angola hosts joint military drill with Serbia, US

Luanda – Angola will host the joint military exercises with representatives from Serbia and the United States on 4 – 15 December this year in Dande municipality, northern Bengo province.

The event will enable the Angolan medical “task force” in terms of treatment and dealing with patients with Ebola virus.

While the Serbia’s armed forces will seize the opportunity to get acquainted and deal with tropical diseases, amongst malaria, dengue and respiratory diseases.

According to the spokeswoman for the Initial Planning Conference, Col. Marlene Fonseca, the joint action will help in the treatment and preventive health care in the region.

The event will bring together members of the Armed Forces, National Police, Fire fighter and Ohio National Army Guard (US).

She said the exercise will be preceded by three conferences, with first having started Monday ( 27 March) and going until

March 31 in Luanda.

The next conference will be held in Ohio, US. The third one is set for next November, also in Luanda.

Source: Angola Press News Agency