Angola: Homage to general “Ngueto”

The Forum of Cuito Cuanavale Combatants (FOCOBACC) Monday in Luanda paid tribute to Lt General JoAPound o Domingos Baptista Cordeiro “Ngueto” who died on June 2, 2002 in the northern Cuanza Norte province victim of plane crash.

The homage ceremony took place at Luanda’s “Alto das Cruzes” cemetery where the remains of late general Ngueto are laid to rest.

The event took place ahead of March 23, the anniversary of defeat of the former South African apartheid forces.

The ceremony also is meant to pay tribute to the heroes fallen in the historic battle of Cuito Cunavale, south-eastern Cuando Cubango province (Angola).

A similar event took place at Santana’s cemetery, also in Luanda, in honour to the unknown soldier.

According to FOCOBACC’s secretary general, JA�lio de Carvalho Luxaze, the ceremony was held recognition of General Ngueto commitment to follow the guidance by Commander-in-Chief in fight against apartheid regime that ruled the South Africa.

The defeat of the then South African military forces on 23 March promoted the quadripartite talks that led to the signing of the New York (US) agreement as well as the independence of Namibia and the democratisation of South Africa, with the end of the Apartheid regime.

Source: Angola Press News Agency