Angola: Head of State sends message to Catholic bishops’ conference

Luanda – The Angolan President, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, on Thursday sent a message of greetings to the bishops of the Episcopal Conference of Angola and S. Tome (CEAST), gathered in their first assembly in 2017, taking place in the Diocese of Benguela.c

The President wishes a lot of successes for the conference and hopes that the results will be translated into a significant contribution to the evangelical and social action of the Catholic Church.

In his message, the Angolan Head of State also expresses the hope that these results will contribute to the strengthening of peace and national reconciliation, by encouraging all Catholics, in particular, to work towards the building of a society founded on an everlasting, fairer and more fraternal peace.

However, the Angolan President stresses the importance of transmitting to all believers and to the society in general, a message that also contributes to a growing spirit of tolerance and reciprocal respect among citizens at a time Angola is to conduct the general election.

It is necessary, stressed President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, to create a climate of understanding, tolerance and respect for different options and ideas within the family, communities and institutions.

Therefore, the Head of State praises the importance and the opportunity of holding the Episcopal Conference of Angola and S. Tome (CEAST).

Source: Angola Press News Agency