Angola: Government seeks ways for housing financing

This was said to the Angolan Public Television (TPA) by the Secretary of State for Urbanisation, Nhanga Kalunga de AssuncAPound o, on the fringes of the National Conference on Models of Urbanisation and Housing Financing, conducted by the Ministry of Urbanisation and Housing, on Tuesday in Luanda.

According to Nhanga de AssuncAPound o, due to the current macroeconomic context of the country, the government is working with its partners in the search for other ways for the continuity of the National Urbanisation and Housing Programme (PNUH), in order to minimize the State’s financial exposure.

“For this reason, we invite the private sector to find other models of financing the programme, which involves the involvement of banks, insurance companies and investment funds to meet the need for housing”, he said.

He said that the government will continue working for this purpose and requested the collaboration of all, so that the National Urbanisation and Housing Programme may meet the people’s needs, regarding the acquisition of a house, a right embodied in the Angolan constitution.

The Secretary of State reported that under the PNUH, self-directed construction is the subprogramme with the highest percentage, estimated at 68 percent.

Source: Angola Press News Agency