Angola: General defends new missions for FAA

Luanda – The new deputy general chief of staff of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) for the Operational and Development Area, General Caetano Higino de Sousa, pointed out on Thursday in Luanda, as a priority of the tasks the option for new missions for his area.

The general, who was speaking to the press after being sworn in by the President of the Republic and Commander-in-Chief of the FAA, said that the missions had to do with development and technological areas as part of the defense changes.

He said that, due to the change of the technologies and systems of more effective and automated equipment, there has to be a monitoring by the training of the personnel of the Angolan Armed Forces.

On his turn, General Gouveia Joao de Sa Miranda, the army commander, also sworn in by the head of state, said that he will maintain the same existing guidelines, to continue and improve the work to guarantee stability in the country.

He stressed that, in the context of the rebuilding of FAA and given the dynamics of the country’s development, the Armed Forces, as a force to guarantee stability, will continue to carry out a timely follow-up of their mission (defense of territorial integrity).

It was also sworn in the generals Marques Correia and Matias Lima Coelho as the Army’s second commander and Army’s chief of staff, respectively.

The vice-admiral Francisco Maria Manuel and Jeronimo Mateus Van-DA�nem were invested in the posts of second commander of the Angolan Navy and counselor judge of FAA’s Supreme Military Court, respectively.

Source: Angola Press News Agency