Angola: Foodstuff import rises significantly in 2016

Luanda – Alongside with hydraulic cement that tops the line of imported products, wheat, rice and sugar also led the food chain predominantly purchased abroad by Angola, whose amount acquired in the 3rd quarter of 2016, increased if compared to 2015.

According to the Statistic bulletin of the third quarter of the Angola National Shippers’ Council (CNC), the quantity of wheat imported in 2016 was of 149.800,83 tons recording an increase of 43.821,34 tons if compared to the year 2015, the figure corresponds to a 41.35 percent growth.

The rice, most imported product in the third quarter 2016, reached 113.111,15 tons an increase of 27.910,50 tons if compared to 2015, which recorded 85.200,50 tons.

In its turn, import of sugar amounted at 66.883 tons meaning more 10.557 tons than the previous year of 2015, when it recorded 85.200,50 tons corresponding to a variation of 18,174 percent.

Portugal, China and South Korea top the countries that mostly exported products to Angola in 2016, still so, their exports dropped if compared to 2015. For example Portugal exported less 70.130,49 tons, China less 133.025,06 tons and South Korea a difference of 99.934,14 tons.

In general, Angolan imports in 2016 dropped due to the current economic and financial crisis that is hitting the country since 2014.

Source: Angola Press News Agency