Angola: Family Minister socializes with Viana penitentiary’s inmates

Luanda – The Minister of the Family and Women Issues (Minfamu), Filomena Delgado, socialized on Saturday in Luanda with the inmates of the female prison in Viana, in an action included in the March Woman activities.

During her meeting with the inmates, the minister spoke about the 8th of March, International Women’s Day, saying that the date was made official by the United Nations (UN), in recognition of the role played in the demand for full and equal participation of women in the society and in the fight against discrimination.

She said that 8 March should be a reflection of all societies and encouraged the women prisoners to have hope for the future.

“The human being commits mistakes, we are not perfect, the only perfect one is God and it is him who gives us the opportunity to correct ourselves, and you are exactly in this prison to have the opportunity to correct the mistakes you made”, she said.

On her turn, the director of the women’s prison in Viana, Filomena Catito, said that the institution has a capacity of 450 women, with 233 inmates, 149 convicted and 84 detained.

About the crimes committed, the director pointed out the murder as one of the major crimes committed.

Source: Angola Press News Agency