Angola: FAJE bets on training of young entrepreneurs

Luanda – The focus on training young entrepreneurs from the municipal and provincial nucleus to boost and strengthen the national entrepreneurship, aiming at economic growth and improvement of people’s living conditions is part of the priority strategies of the Angolan Forum of Young Entrepreneurs (FAJE) in 2017.

Speaking to ANGOP, the FAJE general coordinator, Alberto Mendes, said that this challenge will essentially focus on the implementation of training courses on the business and management plan to empower young people with the tools necessary to foster entrepreneurship and motivation to creativity.

Working to strengthen the internal organization to acquire the financial autonomy of the members was also pointed out by the youth leader as one of the FAJE challenges this year.

On the other hand, he said that his organization has received many requests from young people who need funding to implement their projects, rather than first requesting training to improve the techniques of how to run their business or their companies.

According to the manager, for the successful and sustainable realization of entrepreneurship projects it is necessary first of all the dedication of young people to professional training in management matters, aiming for the socioeconomic development of communities.

To FAJE coordinator, training in entrepreneurship and management matters, the commitment to finding day-to-day solutions and financing are the main pillars that make a successful entrepreneur.

He thinks that the emergence of FAJE is an added value for young entrepreneurs because there is a network of interaction that unites this stratum of society and empowers people with useful tools that allow the materialization of the youth’s ideas and creativity.

FAJE is a youth association that has existed for six years and has more than 2500 registered members in the municipal and provincial nucleus at national level. “Dreaming, believing and accomplishing is part of this organization’s motto.

Source: Angola Press News Agency