Angola: ENSA celebrates anniversary with book launch

Luanda – ENSA Seguros de Angola will release next Thursday in Luanda its first book entitled “ENSA 37 years”, as part of the celebrations of its 39th founding anniversary, to be marked April 15.

The book portrays the course of the years (1978/2015) of the first and largest insurer of Angola, having clearly contributed during several stages of the country to the empowerment of the national economy and insuring the lives and assets of the Angolans.

Under the celebrations, it will be held a press conference aimed to address issues related to “financial results, expansion and services, growth and prospects of the company.

During the celebrations, the insurance company will carry out philanthropic activities, joining the project “It Feels Good To Do Good “, which aims to help several social assistance centres in the municipalities of Viana and Luanda, on April 21-23.

ENSA’s mission is to assume social responsibility to protect the development of the Angolan economy, people and the national culture.

Source: Angola Press News Agency