Angola: Efforts made in repairing roadway recognized

Luanda – Angola has made a remarkable effort in the field of rehabilitation and modernization of the road network and other economic and social infrastructures important for the country’s development.

This is contained in the support report for the National Assembly’s Monthly Debate, prepared with the help of national consultants, following the session on Friday in Luanda.

However, the document states that the economic and financial crisis of 2008-2009 and the most recent negative oil shock, which started in June 2014, have reduced the pace of public works in progress.

It states that the government has been implementing several actions that contribute to the increase of efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out public works under the Public Investment Programme (PIP).

According to the report, the results show that, in the field of construction, the road infrastructure rehabilitation programme has made it possible to reduce the distances between localities in the country.

However, it recognizes that despite the progress made in terms of conservation and maintenance, further interventions are expected to ensure its continuity.

In the area of ??urban planning and housing, the document underlines that the National Urbanisation and Housing Programme has allowed the construction of 220.910 dwellings, guaranteeing decent houses for 1.325.460 citizens.

Regarding education, the report points out that, despite the difficulties encountered in the development of several previously planned actions, the sector reaffirms, among its objectives, the promotion of human development.

“This assumption should be based on an education and learning, which will ensure the increase of the quality levels of education and contribute effectively to excellence in the teaching and learning process”, reads.

In the field of health, he said that despite the gains achieved, coverage of the health network is still insufficient, especially in the province of Luanda.

On the other hand, the document points out, as a challenge, the provision of health care to the population in some provinces of the country, due to their dispersion in territorial terms.

He considered that there have been important advances in the areas of energy and water, which will mean that this year Angola will have an installed power capacity of almost 5.000 MW and will benefit about 69.1% of the rural population.

In the field of transport and communications, progress has also been enormous, resulting in the rehabilitation of the three railways and a significant increase in the number of mobile phone users and internet.

Source: Angola Press News Agency