Angola: Culture Ministry completes revision of religious freedom bill

The information was released on Friday to the press by the director of the ministry’s legal office, Aguinaldo CristovAPound o, who said that the process of reviewing the legal tool was already completed.

The official, who spoke on the sidelines of Parliament’s monthly debate on “State Laity, Religious Freedom and Respect for the Law and Fundamental Rights in Angola”, said that public consultations were held in 11 provinces of the country.

He explained that the new proposal was prepared within the framework of the Interministerial Commission created by a Presidential Order, which had, among other tasks, the revision of the legal tool.

“This matter is very advanced and will await the appreciation of the Cabinet Council, after which it will be submitted to the National Assembly”, he said.

The director argued that the requirements of the current Act, created in 2004, made it difficult to establish many religious denominations and may have been the basis of religious proliferation.

Source: Angola Press News Agency