Angola could become one of main suppliers of agricultural products to Europe – diplomat

The ambassador of the Netherlands, Tsjeard Hoekstra, expressed this Wednesday, in central Huambo Province, his intention to include Angola in the list of main suppliers of agricultural products to Europe, through the logistics platform of Caála and the Lobito Corridor.

The diplomat, who was speaking during a meeting with members of the provincial government of Huambo and local businesspeople about the valences of operationalizing the logistics platform in the municipality of Caála, said that the intention is to make Angola one of the main exporters of first class products (fruits and vegetables) to Europe.

He underlined that the Netherlands has vast experience in logistics and transport, positioning itself in a unique market in Europe, with one of the largest inland ports, which make it one of the best connected countries in the world.

In addition to logistics, he also highlighted agriculture, taking into account the fact that, after the United States of America, it is the second largest exporter of agricultural products, through its innovative technology, which has resulted in high levels of production.

He recalled that the Netherlands leads the production and supply of fruits and vegetables, where Angola can be included as soon as possible.

Tsjeard Hoekstra said that since 2019, the Netherlands has been focusing on developing the agribusiness potential of the Lobito Corridor, where research and feasibility studies have been carried out, for the development of partnerships and consortia, between the Dutch private business sector and the Angolan government.

According to the diplomat, as well as Angola, the Netherlands, also known as the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is a coastal nation, but low and flat, where many people live in a confined space below sea level, which, in order to survive, was forced to organize and adapt to changing complex social and economic challenges.

He said that in the fruit and vegetable sector, the Netherlands meets the needs of millions of people, with emphasis on avocados, where it is the largest exporter in the world.

The diplomat highlighted the ongoing work on the diversification of the Angolan economy, through the development of the agriculture sector, the construction of logistics and transport platforms, in particular the Lobito Corridor.

In his view, Angola has unexplored agricultural potential, fertile land, favourable climate and water resources to boost food production, with the capacity to supply its population and, at the same time, become an exporter of first-class products.

He added that Angola is at a crucial stage, focused on the implementation and construction of multipurpose logistics platforms, where the province of Huambo, specifically the municipality of Caála, was selected to host one of the infrastructures, which will allow perishable products to be transported and stored at low temperatures, being an essential step to boost the production of fruits and vegetables for the local and European market.

For her part, the governor of Huambo Province, Lotti Nolika, said that the meeting served to showcase local potential, especially in the field of tropical fruit production, with a view to boosting the projects and initiatives of both countries.

She mentioned that Angola and the Netherlands “have healthy and long-standing relations ties”, which will be reinforced through the private consortium for the construction of the Caála logistics platform, as this region of the Central Highlands appears to be a major producer of avocados and wild fruits.

Angola plans to build 21 logistics platforms by 2038 through Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), and the construction of three platforms is currently underway, namely Luau, in the province of Moxico, Luvo and Soyo, both in Zaire.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)