Angola: Computer platform to avoid double registration of intellectual property

Luanda – Angola will adopt in the near future the use of computer platforms to manage the process of registration of standardized intellectual property worldwide, in order to avoid duplication of registrations and the usurpation of rights, announced on Tuesday in Luanda, the director general of the Angolan Institute of Intellectual Property (IAPI), Dario Camati.

According to Dario Camati, the use of this computer platform aims to increase the number of intellectual property registration in the country and allow the information to be available in all countries that use the same platform, thus avoiding duplication of registration and also counterfeiting.

Speaking to ANGOP, on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day, being marked on Wednesday April 26, the director emphasized the importance of the protection of intellectual property in the process of internationalization of national products and services, as well as the recognition of the creative capacity and innovation in the country.

In order to avoid the risk of a trademark registered in Angola being legalized again in another country, he explained, the IAPI, because it did not have extra-territorial action, seeks to maintain a cooperative relationship with several intellectual property institutions in other countries.

He informed that the IAPI is related to the European Patent Office, which he intends to work with in the field of training of national staff, as well as partnerships with the World Intellectual Property Organization and the intellectual property institutes of Portugal, Brazil and Mozambique, among others.

He clarified that it is simple to register or protect a patent, and it is up to the creator to summarize his work, detailing the constituent elements and the operation of it, and then fill in an IAPI form.

In relation to the brand, he explained that it was simpler, as it did not require a careful analysis from the point of view of the description of the invention.

Source: Angola Press News Agency