Angola: CNE discusses with political parties, coalitions electoral matters

Luanda – The National Electoral Commission (CNE) on Wednesday presented to political parties and coalitions its general plan of activities and the schedule of tasks, ahead of 2017 general elections.

The meeting which was chaired by the CNE chairperson, Andre da Silva Neto, gathered national commissioners and representatives from MPLA (ruling party), UNITA, CASA-CE, PRS, FNLA, PADDA-AP, PALMA, PNSA, Bloco Democratico, PDP- ANA, APN and PPA.

Speaking to the press at the end of the meeting, the CNE spokeswoman JA�lia Ferreira said that all information has been shared with legally constituted parties and coalitions.

The information is related to the ongoing and prospective tasks under the electoral process scheduled for August this year.

The official said that the parties and coalitions have expressed some concerns on the organisation of the electoral process. Some of which have been addressed and welcomed in the documents presented.

She said that the CNE is an independent administration body of the State, which complies with the principle of legality. “Although there is some kindness in the intention expressed, the CNE can not be pushed into situations of illegality, she added.”

Source: Angola Press News Agency