Angola: CASA-CE coalition confident about future

Luanda – The opposition CASA-CE coalition’s vice president for political and electoral matters, Manuel Fernandes, said last Wednesday in Luanda that his political force “is healthy and without problems”, despite the fact that the Constitutional Court has recently rejected the organisation’s request to transform itself into a party.

On an interview to ANGOP, regarding the future of the coalition, Manuel Fernandes said that at the moment the idea is to continue working as a coalition, with a view to responding to the aspirations of thousands of Angolans that identify themselves with the cause of CASA-CE (Broad Convergence for Angola’s Salvation-Electoral Coalition).

He said the most important thing is to continue moving on with this struggle movement, which hopes for a different Angola, with which thousands of Angolans identify.

We are forbidden to defraud them. The coalition is healthy and without problems, he said.

Thus, no-one or no party that is part of CASA-CE (PALMA, PPA, PNSA, PADDA � AP) is willing to leave the coalition, he assured.

I am among those who defend that the more united we become the better it will be. But this (situation with the court) does not hinder us from moving forward the way we are today, he reiterated.

He then said unanimity is a characteristic of dictatorial systems, for it is normal in democracy to see divergence of opinions, like it is now happening in CASA-CE in regard to its transformation into a political party.

To the vice president of CASA-CE, the fundamental now is that all its members are united in the struggle for change.

Manuel Fernandes then clarified that the structure of the coalition is the same one, what was intended is the dissolution of the parties that make up the coalition and make it become one single force.

To him, as this goal has not yet been achieved, there should not be distraction, because all the conquests of CASA-CE have been achieved as a coalition, therefore, there should be no problem with continuing to work so.

As regards the future, he said the members are now waiting for the return home of the coalition’s president, who is on a tour abroad, so that in the right forum they can define the next steps to take.

Last Monday, the Constitutional Court issued a communique in which it turns down the request made by the Broad Convergence for Angola’s Salvation-Electoral Coalition (CASA-CE) to have the political force transformed into a party, due to irregularities in the process.

According to the communique from the Constitutional Court, the file submitted by CASA-CE has shortcomings and irregularities that hinder its transformation into a political party.

The document explains that three of the four parties that make up the coalition (PADDA-AP, PNSA and PPA) have not expressed consent to such transformation in the statutory and legal forms.

The communique explains that in sequence of the CASA-CE congress held on 06-07 September last year, the coalition submitted to the Constitutional Court a request to validate one of the decisions of the conclave, which is the transformation of the coalition into a political party with the designation Broad Convergence for Angola’s Salvation-Democratic Party (CASA-PD).

The note explains that the request was submitted to the court by the CASA-CE’s president, Abel Epalanga Chivukuvuku, and included other documents, such as reports and minutes on the coalition’s provincial conferences that led to the congress held on 06-07 September 2016.

The Constitutional Court clarifies in the note that the transformation of that political force has to be in line with article 34 of the Law on Political Parties (law number 22/10 of December 03, 2010).

In view of this, the Constitutional Court instructed the board of CASA-CE to correct the shortcomings and adjust its transformation process to the required legal procedures.

However, this situation does not impede CASA-CE to participate, as a coalition and with that designation, in the general elections set for August 2017.

Source: Angola Press News Agency