Angola: BPC restructuring entails Economic Team’s consideration

Luanda – The Sanitation and Restructuring Plan of the Angolan Savings and Credit Bank (BPC) was analyzed on Thursday in Luanda during the 5th joint ordinary meeting of the Cabinet Council?s Economic Commission and the Commission for the Real Economy, under the guidance of President, Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

The assessment sought to establish stricter control rules, optimize operational costs and improve the governance model, making it better suited to financial market requirements and international standards.

According to the final communique of the meeting, the commissions approved the monthly report of the Implementation Strategy of Macroeconomic Executive Programme, which reports on the macroeconomic indicators progress compared to the projections made in the 2017 State Budget (OGE).

The document also reports on the degree of implementation of economic policies, assessing the control of inflation, the diversity and increase of non-oil exports and the stability of the financial system, in order to correct any deviations.

Source: Angola Press News Agency