Angola announces plans to launch learning subsidy

Angolan Executive, through the National Institute of Employment and Professional Training (INEFOP), plans to soon launch the learning subsidy in professional training centers.

INEFOP’s general director Manuel Mbangui announced this Tuesday at the opening of the first Technical Scientific Professional Conferences.

He said the measure was created to respond to the high dropout rate throughout the training process, mainly in the south of the country.

The programme is designed to help retaining trainees and their participation in professional training”, he explained.

Manuel Mbangui, who did not reveal the amounts for the subsidy, explained that the dropout normally arise due to the transhumance of the trainees.

“Normally, these trainees are pastoralists and tend to move to look for areas with bigger and better pasture for their livestock,” he said.

He said that the inclusion of the learning allowance is applied almost everywhere in the world. And recently, at the level of the International Labour Organization (ILO), a recommendation was adopted to guide states in finding strategies for retention of the staff.

The two-day event aims to transmit knowledge to trainers at training centers supervised by the Ministry of Public Administration, Labour and Social Security (MAPTSS), as well as public and private organisations.

INEFOP has 161 professional centers across the country, 302 courses in various areas. Every year, it trains around 100,000 young people

Source: Angola Press News Agency