Angola: Angolan Industries respond to exports promotion

Luanda – The Angolan manufacturing plants are expected to work to export goods produced in the country, in order to respond to the strategy of the Angolan Executive to exit from the financial crisis, said on Wednesday the Minister and Head of the President’s Civil Office, Manuel da Cruz Neto.

Speaking after the inauguration of the Tigra brewery in the Kikuxi industrial complex, the minister said that the beverage company Refriango is now in a position to respond to the specific orientation of exports promotion despite the fact that the group pursued that goal by making experimental exports to learn about new markets.

He stressed that it is essential to ensure that these exports grow in a sustained manner and do not jeopardize the work created so far.

According to the minister, the production of the beverage industry in Angola, namely beer, is in excess of domestic demand for the product.

He recalled that a few years ago the domestic beverage industry was confronted with aggressive competition for similar products from imports, but the fight for market share is now internal and industrialists continue to invest, knowing that only continued enlargement and consistent product line can maintain customer loyalty and new consumer achievements for their products.

Source: Angola Press News Agency