Angola and WB discuss correspondent banking issues in Washington

Luanda – The Angolan delegation and the World Bank (WB) vice-president for Africa, Mahktar Diop discussed on Tuesday in Washington, US, matters relating to the support for access to correspondent banking, a problem that is also affecting Angola.

The Angolan delegation, led by the Finance minister, Archer Mangueira, suggested World Bank to discuss seriously the correspondent banking issue, since it represents a financial exclusion problem to a group of countries with institutional fragilities in the international financial system.

The Angolan delegation, participating in the World Bank �IMF Spring Meetings (Bretton Woods), also discussed with the WB vice-president issues related to the structure of the new partnership between the World Bank and Angola looking to the ongoing projects and financial needs.

In his turn, World Bank official manifested readiness to assist Angola wherever is of interest of the county’s authorities, with emphasis on securing correspondence services of the Angolan financial institutions and agricultural production as way to ease the pressure on the balance of payments, given its high level of food import.

Since is of concern of the World Bank to prepare the nations for economy of knowledge, Makhtar Diop expressed the desire to see Angola adopting programmes related to nutrition.

The Angolan delegation to the event is comprised of the minister of Planning and Territorial Development, Job Graca, deputy governor of the Angolan Reserve Bank (BNA), Tiago Dias and senior staff of the above said institutions.

BDA and BPC banks CEOs Manuel Neto Costa and Ricardo Viegas d’Abreu, respectively, also integrate the delegation.

Source: Angola Press News Agency