Angola and Congo analyse situation on common border

Angolan and Congolese authorities hold meeting as of this Wednesday in the Angola’s northern Cabinda province to analyse issues linked to security at the common border, including illegal immigration and fuel smuggling.

At the meeting of the Angola/Congo Joint Commission, the two countries’ representatives will also review the political-military issues and on border management, according to a statement from the Angolan Interior Ministry.

The four-day meeting will be preceded, in the first two days, by the meeting of experts who will assess the degree of implementation of the recommendations issued at the last ministerial meeting that took place in Point Noire, in May 2022.

The meeting of experts created different subcommittees. Also specialists from both countries will make visits to assess the commune of Massabi (Angola), on the sea, river and land border.

Angola and the Republic of Congo hold regular meeting of the bilateral Joint Commission to assess, among other issues, border violations, illegal immigration and illegal trafficking of goods

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)