Angola: ANC, FRELIMO and SWAPO Secretaries General jet in

Luanda – The secretaries general of ANC (South Africa), FRELIMO (Mozambique) and SWAPO (Namibia) arrived Wednesday in Luanda to attend a meeting gathering the political parties that emerged from Liberation Movements of the Southern Africa, slated for Thursday.

Speaking to ANGOP at Luanda’s “4 de Fevereiro” International Airport, the secretary for International Affairs of the ruling MPLA party (Angola), JuliAPound o Mateus Paulo “Dino Matross”, said that the event started Wednesday with the meeting of social organisations, namely the representatives of Women and Youth Associations.

According to Dino Matross, Thursday, the secretaries general of the former liberation movements will analyse various current political issues and those that concern the political organisations in the sub-region.

Also in Luanda since Tuesday, are the delegations of the Chama Chama Mapinduzi (CCM), Tanzania, and ZANU-PF, Zimbabwe.

Still on Wednesday, the MPLA secretary general, Paulo Cassoma, receives his counterparts from FRELIMO, ANC, SWAPO, ZANU-PF and CCM, in a meeting followed by a dinner party.

Angola hosts for the second time this event, which regularly takes place in the southern region of the continent.

Source: Angola Press News Agency