Angola: Ambassador highlights US wheat potential

United States supports Angola’s efforts focused on diversification of the economy through industrialisation and increased production of consumer goods, said the diplomat, quoted by a press release from the US Embassy in Angola.

According to a note delivered to Angop Friday, the US Wheat Associates, represented by Jose Missula, the US Wheat Associates’ goal and the American farmers, is to create good and long-term relationships with different customers around the world.

The source noted that it was through a US government Quality Sampling Programme (QSP) the US wheat and wheat flour samples were provided to the Angolan companies, like Cerangola, PAPound o d’Ouro and Elumni Group for the beginning of some tests.

In addition to the product, the US Wheat Association provides technical assistance on the processing of this product in milling and various bread and pasta production techniques.

Angola’s current imports stands at 500,000 tons of wheat flour per year.

In 2015 alone this contract cost USD 177 million to the coffers of Angolan State.

Source: Angola Press News Agency