Angola adopts concessions system in forest sector

Luanda – The country has opted for the forest concession system that will coexist with the current licensing regime, a measure that resulted from the approval on Thursday by the economic team of the Angolan government of the Law on the Forest, which repeals the previous legislation on the sector.

Under the new law, companies benefiting from the concession system may see this right extended for more than 20 years.

To the Minister of Agriculture, Marcos Alexandre Nhunga, the concessionary companies will have more demands in terms of concessions.

One of the requirements, he continued, is the presentation of a business plan, an inventory of the area in which he will work and, after exploration, the reforestation of the region.

As regards the power of granting licenses for logging, it is no longer a sharing between the Ministry of Agriculture and the provincial governments.

From now on, forest exploitation licenses are exclusively under the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture, which extends this power to the provincial departments of the sector, said Marcos Alexandre Nhunga, at the end of the 5th joint ordinary session of the Cabinet Council’s Economic Commission and the Commission for Real Economy.

With this exclusivity, it is intended to avoid the proliferation of licenses and the loss of control over the exploited logging resources.

The agriculture sector submitted on Thursday a proposal for measures aimed at improving the forest resources management to the approval of the joint meeting of the Cabinet Council’s Economic Commission and the Commission for the Real Economy.

These are measures aimed at disciplining the forestry sector, which includes licensing, production control, inspection, internal marketing, transportation and export.

Source: Angola Press News Agency