Amushelelo asset forfeiture case postponed to 31 August

The Windhoek High Court on Monday instructed activist and businessman, Michael Amushelelo, to secure a legal representative in the matter in which the State has seized his assets and property in relation to his forex activities.

This order came after High Court Judge, Ramon Maasdorp, postponed the matter to 31 August 2023 to allow Amushelelo to secure a legal representative.

The activist’s assets were frozen in 2019 due to fraud allegations in relation to his activities as a forex trader.

Amushelelo re-appeared in the Windhoek High Court on Monday, however, he asked Maasdorp to postpone the hearing while waiting for a legal representative to be provided to him by the Directorate of Legal Aid.

Maasdorp stated that failure to get a legal representative, Amushelelo will have to represent himself during the trial proceeding on 31 August.

“The State has misconceived its case. It believes that I was apparently at the helm of a Ponzi scheme. They are wrong as I have shown to the court that the conclusions that be drawn from those, all while, the assets remain lawfully owned by me and the other respondents. Yet hitherto, I am not uncountable at the end of the day when the State’s case fails, for any damage to those assets,” Amushelelo said.

Source: NAMPA