Ambassador defends Angolans’ social integration in South Africa

The head of the Diplomatic Mission said so during the meeting with Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs of the Republic of South Africa, with view to assessing the situation of the Angolan communities living in that sister nation.

During the meeting, the Angolan ambassador also defended the need of creating ways for the legalization and social integration of those, who for several reasons, couldn’t get permanent resident permit after the two- year transitory permit expired provided under the end of the status of Angolan refugee in South Africa.

The Angolan diplomat also reported to the South African minister that most part of the Angolan citizens found in this situation has been living there for 20 years and have made up family with South African citizens.

She explained that with expiration of their permit several difficulties came up such as lack of of access for jobs, health services, hurdles in the children education and hindrances to access bank accounts.

The ambassador requested the minister to better look at the issue and find plausible wayout because according to her, the fact of many head of household staying without possibility of getting a job and have no way to access their bank accounts creates bad situations.

Source: Angola Press News Agency