Algeria: President says terrorism remnants still threaten

ALGIERS – Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Wednesday warned that security and political instability hitting neighboring nations fuel the remnants of terrorism in Algeria.

“Hotbeds of tension and instability in neighboring countries, where terrorism and cross-border crimes have expanded, represent a security challenge threatening our country,” Bouteflika said in a message on the occasion of the Women World Day.

He urged mobilization and vigilance of all Algerians in a bid to defeat the scourges of terrorism and ultimately safeguard the nation’s security.

Bouteflika further hailed the courage and sacrifices of the Algerian army troops and security forces in their fight against terrorism and crimes.

Meanwhile, he reaffirmed the determination of Algeria to get free from hydrocarbon revenues dependency, saying “the government and the people have to make more efforts in a bid to built diversified economy with competitive potential in line with the global markets.”

Source: Angola Press News Agency