Agrikuvango Project plans to produce over 20,000 tons of products

Lubango -At least 90,000 tons of wheat, 7,500 of corn and 6,000 of rice will be harvested this year in southern Lubango province’s Kuvango Farm, which belongs to Rui Tyihongo Kapose Group.

ANGOP has learnt that part of that production will be transformed by the industrial area of this project.

Rui Kapose, the creator of Agrikuvango project, who was spoke to ANGOP on Tuesday, said that the activity started with 850 workers, but it is expected that in the maximum phase of production the number reaches over 2,500.

The project was Implemented in an area of 5,000 hectares, on the banks of the Kuvango River. It will also be dedicated to the production of peanuts, whose bark will be used to be processed into bio-fuel.

He stressed that the company motto is: “from the seed to the consumer”, justifying the choice of location due to its geographical position and its climate potential.

Rui Kapose said that that of the 5,000 hectares available, 75% will be for agricultural production zone, 10% for factory installation, warehouses and commercialization, 15% for the base.

“The project’s mission is to position ourselves at the forefront of the agro-food industry, representing private initiative in line with the Executive’s purposes”, said the manager.

The municipality of Kuvango, with 75,000 inhabitants, is located 356 kilometres to the east of Lubango City (the province’s capital), on the section connecting Huila and Cuando Cubango provinces by road and railway.

Source: Angola Press News Agency