Agriculture bets on reforestation

Speaking to ANGOP, the director of the sector in Cunene, Dinis Pedro Pacavira, said that the project is meant to re-launch a balance in biodiversity, through the reproduction of seedlings that will be distributed to the municipal administrations.

He said that this initiative intends to develop policies for the conservation and help of fauna and flora, which has been degraded due to the inadequate exploitation of forest resources.

Dinis Pacavira acknowledged an existence of disorderly exploitation of forest resources by peasant families in the face of steep deforestation.

According to him, this fact contributes to the reduction of plant and animal biodiversity and the regulation of carbon dioxide.

He mentioned the industrial exploitation of wood, fuel wood and other forest products, as the main causes of forest loss.

Some 1, 110 different trees were planted this year in Cunene.

Source: Angola Press News Agency