Advocacy draft bill ready for global final voting

The draft bill of Amendment to the Law of Advocacy was approved unanimously with 14 votes by the MPs of the 1st and 10th specialized committees of the Parliament. With this endorsement in the specialty, the bill is apt to go to the final overall approval of the plenary.

Summarized in six chapters and 29 articles, the bill of legislative initiative has as its objective the establishment of the legal regime for the practice of law in Angola, the definition of the lawyers’ own acts, as well as the regime of accountability for the law practitioners.

Advocacy, as an essential institution for the administration of justice, is exercised on a liberal basis and is governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Angola, by Law no 1/95, of 6 January (to be revoked), by the Statute of the Angolan Bar Association (OAA) and other relevant diplomas.

Thus, the proponent predicts that the law and the inherent acts linked to the exercise of the profession in the country are practiced only by lawyers with the updated enrolled at the Bar Association.

However, he admits that Angolan masters and lawyers, teachers of Angolan institutions of higher education can write opinions, even without being registered in the OAA.

The Law 1/95 of 6 January, which approved the creation of the OAA and its statutes, fulfilled its role by laying the foundations for the creation of a fully autonomous and organized class of the applicants.

However, he points out that 20 years after its adoption, economic and social development, as well as a considerable increase in the number of lawyers, it calls for a readjustment of the normative discipline in question, so as to bring it into line with current reality.

Source: Angola Press News Agency