Accountability must be natural exercise of manager – Governor

Speaking at the regional seminar on models and instructions for accountability, aimed at the managers of the local organs of state administration in Huambo, Bie and Cuando Cubango, the governor stressed that this contributes, to a large extent, to the development of communities.

He recalled that managers understand the provision of subsidies to the Government, to better verify the assets and at the same time to manage the State expenditure.

Kussumua noted that the public manager is an agent of values as it commits itself to honesty, kindness and transparency in the management of resources.

He said, on the other hand, that the supervisory body for public affairs must fulfill its real function, not only punitive, but to train and improve the mechanisms of control.

The seminar is promoted by the Audit Court and aims to boosts management and accountability, within the framework of the General State Budget.

Source: Angola Press News Agency