AADIC receives over 800 complaints on power supply

Luanda – At least 874 complaints from Luanda Province citizens in regard to power cuts and prolonged restricted supply were submitted to the Angolan Consumer Association (AADIC).

The information was made public last Monday by the AADIC vice-chairman, Lourenco Texe, at a press conference in which the official made clarifications about the prolonged situation of restrictions in power supply, which have caused many citizens to express their dissatisfaction at the work of the public National Electricity Firm (ENDE).

To the official, consumers have been forced to frequently resort to personal power generators, thus having to increase their domestic expenses with regular acquisition of fuel, besides other consequences.

In view of this, AADIC has lately been receiving a lot of complaints, requests to clarify the situation and to provide advices on the right procedure to be adopted by the citizens, since they have been monthly charged for such deficient power supply.

“ENDE, by supplying power with a lot of cuts, has been placing enormous constraints on the consumers, since they are obliged to pay various tariffs but cannot conserve their perishable products, so this is a consumer rights violation”, Lourenco Texe said, to further explain the legal precepts that defend the consumer and how they should go about defending their rights.

“We understand that the consumers should pay only the services they actually use and not pay every month for a product they do not get. This is the clarification we are expecting from ENDE”.

Meanwhile, ANGOP has spoken to the C.E.O of ENDE, Francisco Talino, who confirmed that his institution has received a notification from AADIC regarding the power supply issue.

Francisco Talino promised that the ENDE board will soon release an official statement on the issue.

Source: Angola Press News Agency