37% of Tunisians say they are aware of concept of climate change (survey)

Four out of ten Tunisians, or 37%, say they are aware of the concept of climate change, according to the results of the latest survey by the pan-African research network Afrobarometer, presented in Tunis on Thursday.

The survey, entitled “Tunisians’ perceptions of climate change”, found that 80% of those informed about climate change believe that individuals, companies and governments in other countries are mainly responsible for the situation, and 61% believe that rich countries must find solutions to reduce the effects of climate change.

At a press conference organised by One to One for Research and Polling, Afrobarometer’s partner in Tunisia, Youssef Meddeb, its CEO, pointed out that the survey was conducted in Tunisia between February 25 and March 11, among a nationally representative sample of adults aged 18 and over from different regions of the country (urban and rural).

The survey also found that the majority of Tunisians are experiencing an increase in droughts (77%) and crop failures (54%).

It also showed that 85% of Tunisians agree that their government should put pressure on rich countries to help the victims of climate change.

According to the same source, Tunisians want the government to invest in renewable energy and improve infrastructure to make it more resilient to the effects of climate change.

In addition, 75% of respondents want the government to take urgent measures to limit the impact of climate change on their daily lives.

Speaking at the event, Mohamed Ben Saïd, from the Ministry of the Environment, stressed that the results of this survey would be used to adjust the measures taken as part of the national strategy for ecological transition, particularly with regard to climate change and science, knowledge and environmental education.

In this context, he stressed the importance of strengthening environmental awareness and education.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse