Windhoek residents honour Geingob with candlelight vigil

WINDHOEK: Scores of Windhoek residents gathered at the Windhoek Municipality Monday night for a candlelight vigil for the late President Hage Geingob, who passed away on Sunday.

City of Windhoek Mayor, Queen Kamati in her speech called on Windhoek residents to stand united during the mourning period, to honour the late Geingob. She further described Geingob as a visionary, an internationally respected Statesman and a beacon of inspiration on the African continent.

‘As the First Citizen, he was also a resident of Windhoek for many years and a keen participant in the community activities as a dedicated worshipper at the Inner City Lutheran Church and as an avid sports enthusiast. President Geingob was a symbol of unity for our diverse population, who led with steadfast dedication in times of challenge and triumph, to create a better and more inclusive future for all Namibians,’ Kamati said.

She added that Geingob’s vision, integrity, strong democratic principles, and selfless commitment to public service set
a gold standard for leadership that will endure in the annals of Namibian history.

‘As we reflect on his legacy, let us remember his many personal sacrifices and the indelible mark he left on the liberation struggle and subsequent formation of a democratic, peaceful Namibia. Let us continue to share his story with our children, and their children, as we strive to follow in the footsteps of this departed African giant,’ Kamati said.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency


Moment of silence observed for President Geingob at Iitanga village

A moment of silence was observed at Iitanga village in the Okaku Constituency during the handover of brickmaking equipment on Tuesday as a tribute to President Hage Geingob.

Geingob passed away at a hospital in Windhoek in the early hours of Sunday.

Oshana Governor, Elia Irimari, asked for a minute of silence in honour of the late Geingob, describing him as a true son of the soil and a people’s person.

‘President Geingob’s legacy will continue to inspire generations to come, from his efforts in promoting social and economic development, to his commitment to fostering unity and inclusivity,’ he said.

He added that during this difficult time his office offers its support and condolences to former First Lady Monica Geingos, and the entire Geingob family, as well as to all Namibians who mourn the loss of their beloved leader.

Geingob served as Namibia’s Prime Minister from 1990 to 2002 and again from 2012 to 2015.

He also served as Minister of Trade and Industry between 2008 and 2012.

Source: The Namibia
Press Agency


President Geingob making history even in death: Theron

GOBABIS: Former Mayor of Gobabis, Elvira Theron, has said the late President Hage Geingob is still making history even after his passing as leaders all over the world remember him.

‘What is amazing is the international community rising up all over the world to celebrate our president, a small nation like Namibia is on the map. Dr Hage is making history once again even in the time of his death as he is lifting up the beacon of Namibia,’ Theron said after signing a book of condolences at the Omaheke governor’s office here on Tuesday.

The former mayor said Geingob was a leader of note.

‘You can see the work that he did for us, there we had a very smooth transitional leadership at its best. I want to say this is the time where we must realise that the seed must be put in the ground in order for more fruit to come,’ she added.

Governor of the Omaheke Region, Pijoo Nganate said the late president is the one who elevated him when everyone rejected him. Nganate said he remembers Geingob not only as his leader, bu
t also a personal friend.

‘When he appointed me to this position he said, ‘You went down with me and I am on my feet and I want you to be on your feet again. I am appointing you to the region that has rejected you so that you can serve them, and serve them diligently.’ I can still echo those words,’ Nganate said.

The governor said he remembers Geingob not only as president but also as a friend, ‘a person with whom I sat alongside fire and had stories to tell. A person who shared so much wisdom, so much hardship himself and so many successes.’

Omaheke Regional Council chairperson Ignatius Kariseb meanwhile said he remembers a man who always preached inclusivity and unity amongst Namibians.

‘As a regional leader I am urging fellow regional leaders to commit ourselves to undertake that we will serve the region to the best of our abilities as it was expected by the late President Geingob,’ he said.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency


FFF donates school uniforms worth over N.dollars 100 000

OPUWO: The Frank Fredericks Foundation (FFF) reinforced its commitment to school development in Namibia this week by donating school uniforms to nine schools as part of its ‘back-to-school initiative’ valued at N.dollars 100 000.

Among the schools that benefited from the project is Opuwo Junior Primary School (OJPS) in the Kunene district, where 10 pupils received uniforms valued at N.dollars 10 000.

The donation event at OJPS took place on Tuesday, and other schools are expected to receive their donations over the course of the week.

Suama Shingenge, Frank Fredericks Foundation Public Relations Officer, remarked in a statement read on her behalf at the donation ceremony that the foundation has been a beacon of hope and support for young Namibian athletes because of its founder, Frank Fredericks’ vision.

According to Shingenge, returning to their roots demonstrates their real commitment to the people they serve. Shingenge added that the giving of uniforms is more than just providing clothing, as it is als
o a statement of optimism, encouragement and the awareness that someone believes in their abilities.

‘Today, as we donate school uniforms to these young minds, we are not merely providing them with clothing; we are offering them as a gesture that goes beyond material assistance. It is a reminder that, with a helping hand, dreams can be realised and goals can be achieved,’ she said.

Shingenge emphasised the importance of education in unlocking one’s full potential. According to her, initiatives like these strive to make ambitions feasible for all young Namibians, similar to how Frank Fredericks was able to achieve his own.

The school’s principal, Albert Tjiuma, expressed gratitude for the donation, noting that they consider themselves privileged because the donation has provided joy to all those who have benefited.

Shinime Shiimvula Primary School (Ondangwa), PJ TsaiTsaib Combined School (Mariental), Krolein Primary School (Keetmanshoop), Fidel Castro Ruz, Elim, Saint Andrews and Hillside Primary Schools,
all in Windhoek, also benefited from the donation.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency


Keetmanshoop residents mourn late President Geingob

Residents of Keetmanshoop on Monday gathered for a candlelight vigil ceremony in remembrance of the late President Hage Geingob.

The ceremony organised by the Keetmanshoop municipality was held to honour the president’s legacy and for the residents to send messages of condolence to former First Lady Monica Geingos, the children, his family and the entire country.

Speaking during the ceremony, Reverend Dr Andreas Biwa urged Namibians to unify, be strong and courageous and to continue in the spirit of Harambee.

He said Namibians should learn from past lessons and carry the president’s legacy and vision forward, as he had visions of green schemes, new mines and the increment of pension funds.

‘We cannot take this situation lightly, we have strong and weak people in this country, so let us Harambee together. We are moving into an unknown challenge, we know of our past but we are not sure of what is ahead, but let us remember one Namibia, one nation,’ said Biwa.

Keetmanshoop municipality councillor, Annalise
Knouwds described the late Geingob as not just a leader, but a guiding light, a beacon of wisdom and a source of inspiration for many people. He said as the community of Keetmanshoop, they should not only share in the sorrow of the president’s passing, but also in the gratitude for the years of the president’s dedication, resilience and unwavering commitment to the betterment of the nation and its people.

‘Let us remember the moments of strength and courage that the late president displayed in times of challenges, his vision for unity, equality and progress will continue to inspire us as we move forward carrying the torch of his legacy,’ she said.

Geingob, who was Namibia’s third president, died at age 82 on Sunday.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency