2023 general election is one of the fairest polls – Organisation

No Alternative To Tinubu 2023 (NATT 2023), a political pressure group, says the 2023 general election remains one of the fairest elections recorded in the country.

This is in spite of acknowledged few irregularities perpetuated by the major political parties during the polls, the group said.

The National Coordinator of NATT 2023, Mr Vincent Uba, in a statement he issued on Monday in Abuja, said that the 2023 presidential election was clearly won by Sen. Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

He described the President-elect as God’s anointed candidate that would be inaugurated as the 16th President of Nigeria on May 29, irrespective of hatred by opposition parties.

“Let me say this and I say it as a Christian with clear conscience and without making any bones.

“The 2023 presidential election, though with some pockets of irregularities perpetuated by the three major political parties (APC, PDP and Labour Party), was one of the freest.

“It is one of fairest elections in Nigerian history and Tinubu won clean and clear to become the President-elect,” Uba said.

He, however, expressed concerns on the level of desperation shown during the general election campaign period, especially among some religious leaders, who used the House of God for political campaign.

“They abandoned the cardinal objectives of preaching love, tolerance, charity and righteousness, which are the hallmark of Christ’s attributes and teachings,” Uba said.

He said that though Tinubu is not a Christian, he ranked high, especially in charity, which is one of the bedrocks of Christianity and Godliness.

Uba said that those who do the will of God are ‘Christly Christians’ who are imbibed with the virtues of charity, tolerance and hospitality in love.

“Tinubu, in his act of service/governance as Lagos State governor was charitable and generous enough not to restrict his cabinet appointments to Lagosians alone.

“He spread the same to other ethnic nationalities, including Igbos.

“Again, in his acts of charity and generosity, he had empowered and mentored countless numbers of persons without placing emphasis on ethnicity and religious background,” he said.

Uba added that Tinubu performed excellently as the governor of Lagos state, laying a solid foundation for a modern Lagos and bequeathing to Lagosians, the legacy of development that subsequent governors have been building upon.

Uba commended Tinubu’s acts of generosity, track record of achievements, detribalised standing, religious tolerant attributes and mentorship acumen.

He advised those always quick to judge Tinubu to be cautious and take counsel from the saying of Mother Theresa that “if you judge people, you have no time to love them”.

“Joy Marino/Pinterest also said that every time you judge someone, you reveal a part of yourself that needs healing,” Uba said.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria