Daily Archives: July 23, 2021

Food Aid Remains Out of Reach for Millions in Tigray

GENEVA – The World Food Program is renewing its appeal for unimpeded access to Ethiopia’s northern province of Tigray, where an estimated four million people are suffering from acute hunger.In a rare bit of good news, the World Food Program says the U….

Record Number of People Fleeing Armed Attacks in Burkina Faso

GENEVA – The U.N. refugee agency on Friday called for concerted action to help record-breaking numbers of people forced to flee increasingly violent armed attacks in Burkina Faso.The attacks on civilians and security forces by jihadist groups are incre…

US Lends More Airpower to Somalia’s Fight vs. al-Shabab

ABOARD US MILITARY AIRCRAFT – The United States is again targeting fighters with the al-Qaida-affiliated al-Shabab terror group in Somalia, launching its second airstrike in the past four days following a nearly six-month hiatus that began when Preside…