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Guess & Co. Corporation Shareholders Elect Directors

Guess & Co. Corporation Shareholders Elect Directors Directors Elected at 2020 Annual Meeting of Shareholders MIAMI, Oct. 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Guess & Co. Corporation is pleased to announce its Board of Directors following their election at the Annual Meeting of Shareholders. The Board of Directors is responsible for overall governance of Guess & […]

US College Campus Gets COVID-19 Warning from Wastewater

BOULDER, COLORADO – Colorado’s flagship university is getting a head start spotting COVID-19 outbreaks among students at residential dorms — by testing the wastewater.Cresten Mansfeldt, an engineering professor at University of Colorado-Boulder, heads…

How Bats and COVID Canceled Halloween

Bats, a symbol of Halloween, may be responsible for canceling it this year.The coronavirus that has grounded trick-or-treaters likely came from bats.These creatures of the night have evolved a spooky ability to harbor a number of viruses that can kill …

US Coronavirus Cases Surpass 9 Million

The U.S. surpassed 9 million confirmed coronavirus cases Friday, recording 1 million new cases in just two weeks, according to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center. Previously, it had taken the country three weeks to jump from 7 million cases to 8 million. As of Friday afternoon, the U.S. had more than 9,018,500 cases

Powerful Quake Strikes Major Turkish City, Greek Islands

ISTANBUL – Greek and Turkish rescue efforts were continuing to find survivors late Friday after a powerful earthquake shook the Aegean Sea. Turkey’s third-largest city, Izmir, and a nearby Greek island were hit hard by the powerful earthquake, which killed more than dozen people and injured hundreds more. Videos showed buildings violently shaking and people

France, Germany Impose New Lockdown Measures as COVID-19 Cases Soar

A rising tide of new coronavirus cases has prompted the leaders of France and Germany to impose a new round of lockdowns to stop the spread of the virus. During a televised speech Wednesday, French President Emmanuel Macron announced a nationwide monthlong lockdown that will take effect Friday. Macron said restaurants, bars, cafes and other