Daily Archives: June 12, 2020

Public Health Workers Fighting Virus Face Growing Threats

Public health workers fighting the coronavirus are facing growing threats from elected officials and members of the public who are frustrated with the lockdowns. They have at times turned the health workers into politicized punching bags, battering them with angry calls and physical threats. Many have chosen to leave or have been pushed out of

Researchers Ask If Survivor Plasma Could Prevent Coronavirus

Survivors of COVID-19 are donating their blood plasma in droves in hopes it helps other patients recover from the coronavirus. And while the jury’s still out, now scientists are testing if the donations might also prevent infection in the first place. Thousands of coronavirus patients in hospitals around the world have been treated with so-called

US Health Officials Encourage Face Masks at Big Gatherings

U.S. health officials urged organizers of large gatherings that involve shouting, chanting or singing to “strongly encourage” attendees to wear face masks, following more than a week of protests during which many attendees did not wear masks. The new recommendations Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are part of long-awaited guidelines from