Daily Archives: June 9, 2020

As City Reopens Governor Proclaims ‘New York is Back’

Governor Andrew Cuomo took the New York City subway into midtown Manhattan Tuesday and proclaimed, “New York is back!” as the city begins to reopen after being shut down by COVID-19. Cuomo told reporters he took the subway to show citizens it was safe to ride and that he “wouldn’t ask anyone to do anything

What Defunding the Police Really Means

Amid continuing U.S. protests over George Floyd’s death while in the custody of the Minneapolis police, a contentious new slogan is competing with “Black Lives Matter” and “I Can’t Breathe”:  “Defund the Police.” Long a core demand of activists on the far left, “defunding the police” has entered the national lexicon as protesters press for

IBM Quits Facial Recognition, Joins Call for Police Reforms

  IBM is getting out of the facial recognition business, saying it’s concerned about how the technology can be used for mass surveillance and racial profiling. Ongoing protests responding to the death of George Floyd have sparked a broader reckoning over racial injustice and a closer look at the use of police technology to track