Daily Archives: June 8, 2020

Le projet 4R Solution lance le programme 4R Champion en Afrique subsaharienne

OTTAWA, Ontario, 8 juin 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Aujourd’hui, le projet 4R Solution franchit une nouvelle étape en apportant une innovation canadienne à l’Afrique subsaharienne par le biais du programme 4R Champion. Le programme 4R Champion est une occasion unique pour les défenseurs de l’agriculture de démontrer l’augmentation des rendements agricoles grâce à l’utilisation de pratiques de […]

Mozambique: Internal or External War?

  Three important and contradictory reports have been published in the last ten days on the roots of the escalating war in Cabo Delgado. All three have the standing to be taken seriously – from former Security Minister Jacinto Veloso, a Rand Corporation researcher in the US, and the CMI (Chr Michelsen Institute). Veloso Says

Mozambique: ‘Window of Opportunity’ in Fight Against COVID-19 Narrowing

Maputo — The “window of opportunity” to avoid accelerated transmission of the Covid-19 respiratory disease “has narrowed significantly in recent days”, warned Mozambique’s National Director of Public Health, Rosa Marlene, on Sunday. Speaking at the Ministry of Health’s daily press conference on the Covid-19 situation, she said the rapid spread of the disease in Nampula

Mozambique: Total Authorised to Resume Activities in Afungi

Maputo — The Mozambican health authorities have authorised the French oil and gas company Total to resume its natural gas activities on the Afungi Peninsula, in the northern province of Cabo Delgado. Total heads the consortium which is building two factories in Afungi to produce liquefied natural gas (LNG). Work was interrupted in April after

Mozambique: Public Prosecutors Must Inspire Confidence

Maputo — Mozambique’s Attorney-General, Beatriz Buchili, on Monday demanded that members of the Public Prosecutor’s Office must work with impartiality, and their actions must inspire confidence among citizens. Buchili argued that a responsible stance taken by prosecutors will attract citizens to collaborate in preventing and fighting crime. She was speaking in Maputo at a ceremony

Mozambique: Government Committed to Sustainable Oceans

Maputo — Mozambique’s Minister of the Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries, Augusta Maita, on Monday reaffirmed the government’s commitment to maximise the benefits offered by the sea, but always on a basis of sustainability. She was speaking in Maputo at celebrations of World Oceans Day, held under the theme “Innovation for the Sustainability of the