Daily Archives: April 27, 2020

Mozambique: Police Sold 100kg of Seized Drugs on Black Market

Over 100kg of the 430kg of heroin and methamphetamine seized last year in Cabo Delgado was stolen by police officers in Pemba, which continued until the remaining drugs were taken to a secret warehouse. The drugs in question were intended to serve as evidence during the trial of the traffickers, who are being held in

Stocks Rally on Hopes of Reopening Global Economy

WASHINGTON – Global stocks rallied on Monday, showing investors optimism about the gradual reopening of the global economy. But the oil market suffered further losses. Major U.S. market indexes ended in positive territory when trading closed. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 1.5%, or almost 359 points, to end at 24,133.78. The S&P 500

Scientists at Oxford Take Early Lead in Race to Create Vaccine

Scientists at Oxford University are racing to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus well ahead of the standard medical timeline. The scientists have expressed confidence in their ability to do it quickly, raising hopes around the world that a vaccine will not have to wait until next year. The first injections of the vaccine being