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Mozambique: Cabo Delgado Fog of War: Massacres by Both Sides & Press Restrictions

Information has only come out in the past week about the massacres two weeks ago by the insurgents in Xitaxi, which killed 50-70, mostly young men, and in a series of attacks on civilian boats by the military on Ibo island which have killed 18-48, including a local Renamo leader. Reports are confused and sometimes

Mozambique: Foreign Support Arrives in Pemba

Two pictures of foreign military support at Pemba airport have been posted on 25 and 24 April by Portuguese journalist Nuno Rogerio on his Facebook. Both are confirmed to be Pemba airport, but without a date. The first shows the arrival of unidentified African troops. The second photo shows a drone which he identifies as

Mozambique: COVID-19 Cases Will Continue to Increase Until end of Year, Says Minister

The government is hoping to delay the peak of Covid-19 infections as a means of protecting the Mozambican health system from being overwhelmed, according to Health Minister Armindo Tiago. “Right now, what we are trying to do is push the peak to between December 2020 and February next year”, he said Tuesday 21 Apr. (AIM

Mozambique: Hidden Debt and Keeping $ Away From Government

As part of the donor attempts to not give cash to government, the European Union signed an agreement with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on 22 April for the UNDP to manage a Mozambique post-cyclone recovery fund with $37 mn from the EU. (AIM 22 Apr) The IMF announced Friday 24 April that it

Mozambique: Xitaxi Massacre Confirmed

The Mozambican police have confirmed the story first published in Pinnacle News (8 Aprill) and Savana (10 April) that insurgents killed at least 52 people on 8 April in Xitaxi. Muidumbe district, on the N380 road where it divides with the N380 going north to Palma and a branch going up the hill to Mueda.

Mozambique: Ibo ‘Police State’

“Security forces turning Ibo Island into murderous police state, locals say,” was the Zitamar (23 Apr) headline. Arriving boats were attacked on 12, 16 and 21 April, with estimates of civilians killed ranging from 18 to 48. In an unusually detailed statement on 23 April, Renamo national spokesperson Jose Manteigas accused the armed forces (FADM)