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Mozambique: New Man to Deal With Donors

Omar Mitha, chair of the National Hydrocarbon Company (ENH) for five years until he was dismissed in January, has been named as economic advisor to president Filipe Nyusi. But it his swearing in on 15 April President Nyusi gave him a more fraught role: “help to improve relations between the government and multi-lateral agencies and

Mozambique: Four More Coronavirus Cases Diagnosed

Maputo — The Mozambican Ministry of Health announced on Sunday that four more people have tested positive for the new coronavirus that causes the respiratory disease Covid-19. Speaking at a Maputo press conference, the National Director of Public Health, Rosa Marlene, said that, over the previous 24 hours, 85 samples had been tested. 81 proved

Mozambique: Senior Health Official Calls for Reduced Mobility

Maputo — Nampula (Mozambique), 20 Apr (AIM) – The deputy general director of Mozambique’s National Health Institute (INS), Eduardo Samo Gudo, warned on Monday that road traffic, including that of pedestrians , should be reduced by about 50 per cent throughout the country, in order to improve the prospects of halting the spread of the

Mozambique: Members of Parliament Earn 42 to 77 Times the Minimum Wage

High-level salaries in Mozambique are obscure because of the various perks and extra payments. O Pais – Economico (17 Apr) actually worked out the salary details for members of parliament (AR, Assembleia da Republica), and their basic salary is less than half their actual earnings. Basic salary and various perks increase with responsibility, such as

Mozambique: ‘Renamo Junta’ Attacks ‘Chinese’ Timber Camp

In Mozambique’s second small war, ‘Renamo Military Junta’ leader Mariano Nhongo claimed responsibility for a 6 April attack on the camp of a timber company in Dombe, Manica, about 10 km from the N1 north-south road. A Vietnamese worker at the camp had his head cut off. Seven lorries used to carry timber and two

Mozambique: Trying Not to Blame Police for Matavel Murder

The trial of the two arrested members of the police death squad who killed Anastacio Matavel on 7 October 2019 will take place in the second week of May, but concern is being raised about judicial decisions already taken which seem aimed at shielding the police from responsibility. Matavel was head of Forum das Organizacoes