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Global Weather Hazards Summary: January 3 – 9, 2020

Heavy rainfall triggers flooding in Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania while parts of Southern Africa remain dry

Africa Weather Hazards

1. Parts of Lake Victoria, Rwanda, Burundi and the southern Kenya will remain under flash flood risk into next week.

2. …

Roadside Bomb Kills Children on Bus in Burkina Faso

OUAGADOUGOU, BURKINA FASO – Fourteen civilians, including many schoolchildren, died Saturday when a roadside bomb blew up their bus in northwestern Burkina Faso, a security source told AFP.

Four people were seriously hurt in the blast in Sourou province near …

Chad Troops Leave Nigeria With Boko Haram Mission Over: Army

N’DJAMENA – Chad has ended a months-long mission fighting Boko Haram in neighboring Nigeria and withdrawn its 1,200-strong force across their common border, an army spokesman told AFP on Saturday.

“It’s our troops who went to aid Nigerian soldiers months …