Daily Archives: August 29, 2019

La nouvelle application de commerce social UEFA Foundation4Kids est lancée

SINGAPOUR, 29 août 2019 /PRNewswire/ — La Fondation JET8 et la Fondation UEFA pour l’enfance sont fières d’annoncer le lancement de la nouvelle application de commerce social UEFA Foundation4Kids. L’application UEFA Foundation4Kids intègre la technologie de technologie financière de JET8 afin de récompenser les utilisateurs pour leur implication sur l’application avec des JETPoints, une monnaie […]

The New UEFA Foundation4Kids Social Commerce App is launched

SINGAPORE, Aug. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The JET8 Foundation and UEFA Foundation for Children is proud to announce the launch of the new UEFA Foundation4Kids social commerce App. The UEFA Foundation4Kids App incorporates JET8’s Fintech technology to reward users for in-app engagement through JETPoints, a social currency users can use to make contributions to the […]

Study: Many Uganda Voters Fear Violence in Next Elections

A new study in Uganda shows that many people involved in election preparations and Ugandan politics expect violence around the 2021 election. The study looked at early warning signs of violence ahead of the elections and strategies to mitigate unrest. …

Gambia’s Former President Dawda Jawara Is Buried

BANJUL, GAMBIA – Gambia’s first president after independence from Britain in 1965, Dawda Jawara, was buried Thursday in Banjul, the capital.Speaker of The Gambia National Assembly, Mariam Jack Denton, said he was known for his integrity, kindness and s…

Report: Conflict Rising Among South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda

KAMPALA – A report by the International Refugee Rights Initiative reveals a mix of frustration, unemployment, post-traumatic stress and alcohol abuse escalating quarrels among refugee communities in northern Uganda.Uganda is home to 1.3 million refugee…